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The Small Secrets Of Great Chefs

Everyone asks me how I manage to make my pastry so soft and tasty. I always say that I have my secret ingredient. The thing is that my secret ingredient is not so secret – as a matter a fact it is all around us. The keyword for a good recipe is soft water. How to manage to have soft water, especially if you are a professional chef and you travel a lot? In my case, I realized I need something practical that I can put into any faucet without any tool.

Personally, my favorite water filter is Brita on- Tap Faucet Filter. I found it on the internet and now I cannot imagine my life without it. Without any tool you can pop it and screw it around your faucet, you do not need any help. The next useful thing is the fact that its design makes it around 40% more space-efficient than most units.

Water treatment as the way to save your environment and health

Small SecretsWater treatment is very important for so many reasons. First of all, your pastry will be more than perfect. Second, it is the best solution when it comes to environmental protection or even animal protection. We need to save our planet and to treat it well; we can be vegans or at least try not to destroy our environment. Water treatment will help you to have a healthy life and delicious pastry. Even vegetarian food can is more delicious with soft water. Make sure you have at least one water filter at your home or restaurant.

How water affects your pastry?

Small Secrets

No matter what you think, you need to know that the water is the most important thing when it comes to cooking. Soft water will make your dough perfectly soft and tasty, which is the key to successful cooking.  When I started using water filters, I become popular, and my food is well known for its taste. I always have at least on water filter with me just in case since I travel a lot.I never know what kind of water is expecting me so I have to be prepared.